Refund Policy

I will not refund, nor accept the return of/refusal to pay charges for, any technically acceptable photograph supplied either in print or in electronic format. No exception can be made as I cannot be held responsible for individual tastes or exceptions.

Should digital files be lost, damaged or destroyed the photographer(s) liability shall be limited to a refund of fees paid, but shall not include a refund for any goods already supplied or capable of supply at a quality deemed acceptable by the photographer. No refund will be due for any digital files lost, damaged, or destroyed after 12 months from the date of the wedding.

For digital downloads there are no refunds available once they have been received.  Should the download fail I will allow additional downloads free of charge.

What is a "goodwill" refund policy?

"Goodwill" means i’m happy to offer partial reimbursement on a client by client basis. As per contract i’m not legally obliged to offer a refund for things like images lost due to technical failure, amount of photographs received by the client, or missing a member of the wedding party out from the photographs.


A “goodwill” gesture is at the discretion of the photographer. 


If a “gesture of goodwill” is given, no further refund will be given for any subsequent complaints that occur, and no further claim will be considered..


Any complaints should first be raised by the Client with "The Photos of my Wedding" in writing no later than 21 days from the date of receipt of images. To Anthony Hall Photography, 13 Villiers Road, Bromsgrove, B60 3NR


1    The Clients are entitled to a full refund of the 10% booking fee if they withdraw within 14 days of booking.

    2    The booking fee of 10% will be forfeited on cancellations made after 14 days.

    3    Cancelations more than 6 months prior to date:- 30% of agreed package price.

    4    Cancelations more than 3 months prior to date:- 60% of agreed package price.

    5    Cancelations less than 3 months prior to date:- 90% of agreed package price. The sum shall be payable as compensation as an estimate of the loss that the photographer/s would suffer.

    6    Where the photographers are able to rebook the date with an equivalent booking, the cancellation fee can be reduced to the non-refundable booking fee only and any additional cancellation fees already paid will be refunded accordingly.

    7    In the event of postponement, then at the discretion of Anthony Hall Photography , and subject to availability, monies other than the booking fee may be applied to the new event.

    8    It is essential to inform the photographers as soon as possible of any changes of venue, times, or contact details etc. in writing.

These policies may be subject to change, any changes will be made in writing and explained before being made.

These policies are correct as of 4th February 2016